The brain is the most complex and magnificent organ in the human body. This page offers a motivated person the opportunity for learning an overview understanding of the brain through articles and blogs.

This article introduces an overview of the most complex organ in the human body…the Brain.  The magnitude of the brain’s functions and parts make it very difficult to understand. The brain is further complicated by the various ways to explain it.


       The brain is the control center for everything that the human body does.  It is made up of 80 to 100 billion neuron cells and five times as many glia cells.  Each cell is believed to contain upwards to one billion parts.   A very complex communication system with over a trillion connections exists in the White Matter where a key unit is called an “AXON”.  The magnitude of parts creates the complexity involved in the tasks of operating our human body from conception to death.  Deficiencies in these parts cause abnormalities (diseases) seen in the human body throughout life.  Individual human traits, values, skills, and life paths become more understandable when viewed with some knowledge of the complexity of this magnificent organ.

The brain is often discussed in two hemispheres, Right Brain or Left Brain.  There is White matter and Grey matter.  White matter is where Axons are found.  Axons form the communication system. Grey matter contains Neurons and Glia Cells.  Glial cells are part of the brain’s immune system as well as providing maintenance for the brain.

The brain’s neuron is segmented as internal (cell nucleus) and external (communication).  The external communication functions through Axons, Dendrites, and Synapse.  The internal or cell nucleus is the control center that contains chromosomes, genes, DNA (Genetics).   DNA contain sequences of individual chemical (call monomers) that are represented by four letters A,T,C,G, which are in pairs, where A = T and C = G (always).  A process converts these chemical sequences (instruction) into amino acids, that are used by proteins.  This conversion process, using the genetic code, is call protein synthesis

Though the brain is the control system for the human body, it is dependent on the heart and lungs to provide oxygen and nutrients through the blood system.  Most of a human brain’s cells are common for all people.  It is a small percentage of the neurons that make each of us unique

Bruce’s Book “ABC’s of Alzheimer’s disease – a Shared Reality by Me and My Shadow” covers the brain in Chapter 5.  Stay tuned here as the brain offer almost unlimited topics for Blogs.

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