The “ABCs of Alzheimer’s Disease, a Shared Reality by Me and My Shadow” is caregiver Bruce and patient Ethel’s Alzheimer’s disease (AD) journey, along with history of AD from Dr. Alzheimer’s autopsies to PET scan in a living human.  

            Realistic, short, comprehensive, evidence-based facts describe AD research, a simplified understanding of the brain, experiences of patient/caregiver journey including clinical trial adventures, along with hope for the future research possibilities through worldwide basic science, biology, genetic, mathematics, and technology evolution and discoveries.

            Stage by stage behavior symptoms are tied to cognitive measures and Alzheimer Association warning signs, along with suggestions for caregiver compared to patient’s state of decline. The book addresses why clinical trials have been failing and why hope for delay and prevention may be forthcoming for presymptomatic candidates.

            Facing a future AD tsunami and potential shortage of care personnel, the book suggests ideas for education and/or training for geriatric care doctors, nurses, physician assistants, license nurse practitioners, certified nurse assistant, institutional and in-home health care personnel, hospital personnel, educators, and politicians.

             So, what does the future hold for Alzheimer’s disease—hope, promises, delay, prevention, or cure? These are all wants.  For reality, you be the judge after reading this book. “Out the box” ideas, that require governance action are suggested in the book for confronting the coming AD tsunami and associated diversity care.


No, 1:

GS – I found the book to be a monumental journey, that for me was impressive and informative. Thanks for writing it and sharing your and Ethel’s experiences, sufferings, practical knowledge, and a look at what might be. I had never given such thought to the incredible complexity of the brain. Thanks again for sharing

No. 2 This is a must read for caregivers. Insight on whys and hows. June 15, 2019


Me and My Shadow

Ethel & Bruce (2)

Bruce Bauer (Me) is caregiver for Ethel Bauer (My Shadow).  Ethel was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in October 2001.  Bruce has now spent eighteen years learning about AD, the brain, care-giving, and the various aspects of the disease (medical and non-medical).  In addition to his book, Bruce writes State of Mind articles (Blogs) which he is sharing on this web site along with tips, reality, and outside-the-box ideas.

A Human Birth


Most men probably take their partner’s nine-month pregnancy as just a normal event without knowledge of the complex events that occur during that time and shortly thereafter. Understanding the brain development sheds light on the magnificent process that produces the birth of a normal human.  (Excerpt from ABC’s of Alzheimer’s Disease).

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